Ohio is an RV’ers paradise

Lock 30 Woodlands resort in Lisbon, Ohio

 Looking for a year round Ohio RV campground for your fifth wheel camper in the tri state area that features dog friendly campsites where privacy, quiet and the smell of a pinewood forest reign supreme? Check out the Lock 30 Woodlands resort in Lisbon, Ohio. It’s a privately owned and onsite managed resort that has the RV and fifth wheel travel trailer community buzzing lately with positive feedback. What’s more, the resort offers extended stay leases to those who’d like to stay for a longer period, whether for work or recreation opportunities in northeastern Ohio.

With an olympic sized swimming pool, a paved basketball court, two playgrounds and an almost 20 acre, off-leash area for dogs under voice control, there’s enough to keep the whole family having fun throughout your Keystone Laredo vacation. The resort also includes a 20 acre conservation zone with a real, unrestored lock from the Sandy and Beaver Canal, a historic waterway that operated throughout the state from 1848-1852.