West Virginia With Your Keystone Outback

Photo by the Boston Public Library via Flikr Creative Commons License

Summertime was made for family travels with your Keystone Outback, and if you haven’t made it to West Virginia yet, you’re missing out. There’s a reason John Denver called it “almost heaven.”  Made a state after the Civil War, West Virginia combines the scenic beauty of the Appalachian Region with the living history of the American dream, eked out of the coal mines and hewn from the forests of this rugged state. The mountains of Appalachia are more than 300 million years old, and among the world’s most ancient. The small towns you’ll discover along the way may feel just as old, as if time moves more slowly in these little hollows. Armed with a map and towing an Outback fifth wheel, your family of erstwhile adventurers will find vacation memories here to last a lifetime.