Make it a Vacation: Your Keystone Fifth Wheel and the Indiana State Fair

You won’t be alone if you decide to visit the Indiana State Fair with your Keystone fifth wheel. Over 750,000 attendees are expected this year! The first Indiana State Fair was held all the way back in 1852, as a way for Indianapolis to promote agriculture and business in the state. After a break during the Civil War, the fair went to Fort Wayne briefly, only to return to Indianapolis and its current home at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, where it has been held ever since.


The events for this year will be divided into several areas on the 250 acre fairgrounds campus. Be sure to check out the treats at the Dupont Food Pavilion, a 16,000 square foot exhibit that will be devoted exclusively to eating! Vendors will be there selling everything from homemade noodles to pie in a jar, candies and many artisanal specialities. With displays and information on agriculture, gourmet cooking, and famous state brands and delicacies, the Pavilion promises to be a highlight of the summer for many visitors.


Did you know U.S. Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have all enjoyed visits to the Indianapolis fairgrounds? It’s unknown if they ate funnel cake or pie in a jar, and none arrived with a presidential Keystone fifth wheel. Nonetheless, it is assumed that all had a great time!